Yes, You Can Run a Full-Fledged Linux OS On Your Android Device!

Imagine you are on a lonely Island. With you: Only your Android Tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard. (Tablet or phone capable of multithreading — e.g. Samsung SM-T580 or newer).

How to code with this setting?

In Google Playstore, you won’t find any useful Interpreter nor a Compiler for your programming…

Unifying Python’s Path Handling Functions a la R’s Fashion.

Path handling functions in base R are built-in, clean and intuitive, while Python’s path handling functions are distributed, duplicated, and slightly differing across three different standard packages ( os, pathlib, and shutils).

How about to unify them into one Python package?

Let’s call this package rpath. And let’s together create…

In-built Path handling Functions in R are very useful

When writing Data Science and Data Analysis Scripts in R, not rarely one has to recursively search for files inside folders, test for their existence, create new folders or files, rename or move them, delete them, and perform many other miscellaneous actions around paths.

Here, I want to give you…

Learning C as someone coming from an interpreted (dynamical) language — first steps

Minimal C Program (Hello world!)

Other than Python, C programs have minimal requirements which have to be met to be eligible by the compiler to compile and run at all.

  1. Any C program begins at the main() {} function.
  2. Any command has to end with a ; , so actually main() {};. However, after a…

Start with Common Lisp quickly in Ubuntu using Roswell

Setting up a Common Lisp (CL) Developmental Environment is tedious and time consuming if done “the wrong way”.

It involves installing and setting up manually:

  1. a Common Lisp implementation — usually sbcl
  2. emacs — the preferred non-commercial editor for coding in Common Lisp,
  3. quicklisp — the gold standard package manager…

[ The original authors in youtube benefit from you watching the embedded videos.

I will update newer videos at the top of this list — under “0.”]

0. Unfortunately Nightbirde had to stop her AGT participation due to her health issues

1. Her Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Performance

Not only a perfect flawless performance of her beautiful original song “It’s Ok” with profound lyrics,

but also three remarkable sentences of…

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