My favorite Nightbirde youtube clips

0. Unfortunately Nightbirde had to stop her AGT participation due to her health issues

1. Her Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Performance

  1. “It’s important that everyone knows that I am so much more than the bad things that happened to me.” (1m20s)
  2. “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard any more, before you decide to be happy.” (5m12s)
  3. “I have a 2% chance of survival, but 2% is not 0%. 2% is something. And I wished people knew, how amazing it is.” (6m40s)

2. The best Reaction Video to her AGT performance in my Opinion by Casza

  • e.g. to the song lyrics “I wrote a hundred pages, but I burned them all” Casza comments (at 7m10s):
  • and to the lyrics “It’s Ok, it’s Ok, it’s Ok, if you’re lost — we’re all a little lost and it’s all right” Casza comments (at 9m10s):

3. Interview 1 Year before Audition

4. Interview freshly after the AGT Audition was broadcasted

5. Another Interview after Audition

6. NBC4 Interview I

7. NBC4 Interview II

8. CNN Interview

9. It’s OK — Maple House Session (before AGT Audition)

10. Brave — Maple House Session (before AGT Audition)




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Gwang Jin Kim

Gwang Jin Kim

Code tweaker + Human Geneticist (Ph.D.) | Join medium by:

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